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Car Zero Report

Postby morrow » 2016.09.11 05:38:17 PM

Car Zero Report -- Summer's Over! Bring on the Fall!

A spellchecker workout
Typing while on the road (no, not while I'm driving) is a challenge. Typing now on an iPad that I'm not used to is even more of a challenge. But the news must be presented and passed on, whether I'm in the province or not. So here goes (apologies in advance for misspelled words and bad grammar and missed links).

Défi live!
Track the cars live at Rallye Défi this weekend with CDNRally

PMSC Fall Ball Rally tomorrow (or today - depends on when you open this!)
Meaning Saturday, September 10. Start and finish for Fall Ball Rally, a four-hour, easy-to-moderate navigational rally, is at the Lions Park, 995 Communication Rd in Bridgenorth. Registration opens at noon, with the first car out at 1:01. $20 for non-PMSC members.

Black Bear wrap up
MLRC's Black Bear Rally ran last month on the Egan Creek complex of roads. The storm a couple of days prior to the rally undid the grading that had just been done, but the 14 teams persevered over the 100+ km of stage. CDNRally has just posted the recap video and the story. What they don't cover is the growing tradition of the swim in Weslemkoon Lake on the last transit -- and maybe that's a good thing. They've also posted the Galway Cavendish Forest Rally recap vid.

KWRC events
Like PMSC, KWRC continues to run all kinds of events. A couple of weeks ago it was a rallycross at Humberstone Speedway, down near Lake Erie. Next weekend, it's SNATR #5, running out of Elora.

SPDA has moved the start location of their No Winter Maintenance rally a little closer to the GTA, but a little farther away from actual No Winter Maintenance roads. Never fear, organizer Ted Doig assures us that there are lots of interesting roads in the Caledon area. The 6th in the Ontario Road Rally Championship series takes place Saturday, October 1, with the start/finish at De Paola Trattoria, 15393 Airport Rd.

The NWM website will have all the details shortly. Until it's updated, you can read all about the many interesting things that happened at last year's event (maybe that's why they're moving the location!)

Some people think that performance rallying is dangerous, questioning the sanity of those who partake in arguably the most challenging of motor sports. Yet here is a racing competition that is perhaps the definition of lunacy.

Till next time.

Bruce Leonard
RallySport Ontario


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