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Car Zero Report

Postby morrow » 2016.10.17 05:08:18 PM

Car Zero Report -- Break by the Lake; the Earth

A Break by the Lake
This Saturday October 15, KWRC hosts the last in their 2016 Saturday Night at the Rallies series. They're adding St. Thomas and Port Stanley to their impressive list of towns the rallies have run in over the years. In this rally's case, the start is at the Comfort Inn on the east side of St. Thomas, and runs to a break in Port Stanley on Lake Erie before returning to St. Thomas. New organizers and new roads - it should be a good combination on a beautiful fall afternoon. Registration opens at 13:00 with the first car out at 14:31, and returning about 17:30 (before dark). $20. Full details here.

Shovels and Rakes and Implements of Destruction
It's time to fix up the roads in Bancroft. Not the town roads - they're doing a good job there, but some of the forest roads need to be checked and patched up. Saturday October 22 is the date that MLRC holds their Tall Pines Work Day, a chance to pull rocks out of the ground, trim trees and generally be useful. Of course, there's other stuff to be done - deliver letters to residents, post road closure notices, check stage security notes, etc. Contact Ross Wood if you're able to assist.

Another season finale, MLRC's 2016 rallycross championship, wraps up the day after Pines work day, Sunday October 23. Why not combine the two and stay over? If you're entering the rallycross, help out at the work day and get 10 bucks off the RX fee.

KWRC is holding another rallycross November 5. Their first time at Humberstone Speedway back in August went well, so they're heading back there next month.

Rallye Défi
Round 5 of the OPRC happened last month (I know, old news) as part of Rallye Défi, fourth in the Canadian Rally Championship series. Among the entries was the well-travelled '93 Mazda 323 of Michael Ketchum. The car has been around the block a few times (it was even rolled a few years back with another of its many owners). Ferd Trautmannsdorff shot some video at Défi (after Peter MacDonald and he unfortunately DNF'd), and the 323 is here and here. Just goes to show ya that a little 2-wheel drive car can be just as much fun as a fire-breathing AWD.

Rain and No Horses at NWMR
After the very interesting No Winter Maintenance Rally last year (we came upon a fox hunt, among other things), SPDA moved their ORRC event to Caledon. It was a well-organized event by Ted Doig, with Leg A lulling the experts (ha!) into a sense that this would be an easy rally. Leg B explored some more interesting roads, and a well-placed checkpoint just past a barely visible road (where we were supposed to turn) trapped every team but one, including the eventual winners, Alain and Louis Cabardos. A disappointing turn-out, but those there praised the rally, even though the rain made the roads quite muddy and a little slippy.

More upcoming stuff
November 12 - PMSC - President's Prize Rally, 7th in the ORRC series
November 25, 26 - Rally of the Tall PInes - workers needed, or get on the VIP program and see the rally in style!
December 3 - KWRC - Northern Lights, last in the ORRC series.

Election - Region Rally Director - CARS

The position of Region Rally Director on the CARS and RSO boards is up for election (it really is too long and convoluted to explain why the position is up now when the regular RSO elections are in March). The Director sits on both boards and is responsible for representing Ontario's interest on the CARS board while also keeping the national interests in mind. As well, the Director is responsible for issuing permits for RSO sanctioned events. Nominations will be accepted up to November 1, with the RSO affiliated clubs voting by November 30. Those interested in in the position (you can self-nominate) should contact myself or the RSO secretary, Kelly Mathew.

And now for something completely different...
From Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD - an awesome site), an interactive view of the Earth's winds and other data, such as temperature, ocean currents, even the Misery Index (humidex or wind chill). Fascinating!

If you get the earlier reference to shovels and rakes and implements of destruction, you should realize that it's now 50 years old. And Bob Dylan is a Nobel Prize winner. Life is strange.

Bruce Leonard
RallySport Ontario
[email protected]


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