Congratulations, Darryl -- our new rep to CARS!

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Congratulations, Darryl -- our new rep to CARS!

Postby morrow » 2016.12.02 03:33:43 PM

It's official!

The Ontario clubs affiliated with RallySport Ontario have chosen Darryl Malone to be our representative to CARS (the Canadian Association of Rally Sport).

Darryl is a super guy, very competent and qualified. He will serve the rally community well.

On a personal note, we were lucky to have him on our team, Brothers In Arms Motorsports, at Tall Pines. When summer comes, he can be found with Nigel Mortimer's team helping to keep the fleet of open-wheeled cars performing.

Some RSO rep to CARS trivia. This position used to be held by the President of RSO, but we followed the lead of other clubs across Canada who had split it up. It had become an incredible workload.

You may recognize the names of previous reps:
Jim Morrow (former MCO/PMSC)
Peter Watt (PMSC)
Darryl Malone (MCO)

All the best to Darryl from your rally supporters! :chug:

Jeannie (VE3JNE) and Jim (VA3JUS).
Jean MacGillivray, MCO Vice-President (2013) and RallySport Ontario Secretary (March 2011 - March 2014).
Jim Morrow, RSO Region Rally Director (2013).
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Re: Congratulations, Darryl -- our new rep to CARS!

Postby silverfox » 2016.12.04 09:33:21 AM

Congratulations Darryl..
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Re: Congratulations, Darryl -- our new rep to CARS!

Postby razzmyth » 2016.12.16 01:34:42 PM

Thank you!
I look forward to helping rally in Ontario and across Canada.


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