How/where to start rally?

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How/where to start rally?

Postby s-h-a-w-n » 2017.05.07 02:04:21 PM

Hello, I'm new here, I don't know if Rally is the right work, but I just want to have fun on a twisty dirt track.

I live near Gatineau park, I guess there are potential tails there, but I don't really know. All I know is that last year I bought a 300$ Aveo to do a 1000km offroad trip from lake to lake from the north of Montreal to Ottawa, and it was fun. However this time I would like local place to have fun and less strait dirt roads. Where dou you think I should explore?

The car's reliability surprized me, and I woudn't mind buying another one for this purpose, I think small hatchbacks are a nice place to start, but I might be wrong. What do you think I should buy? What are your suggested modifications?

I am not looking to enter any competitions, I just want to have fun, maybe with other enthusiasts!

Thanks for the input

Learning the Curves
Learning the Curves
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Re: How/where to start rally?

Postby uglydogrally » 2017.05.10 11:21:28 AM

This is a great place to start. Some more good resources can be found at

Great place to start is doing TSD's (Time-Speed-Distance) rally's. There aren't much around here anymore, but lots around the GTA and beyond. Check out the ORRC found at the RSO website. There are some Quebec clubs that organize winter TSD's, but not much in the summer.

MLRC runs rallycross in Bancroft (2.5-3 hrs from Ottawa), no cage necessary, just a proper helmet. Check out for more info.

Next is rally sprint, more safety equipment needed, cage required. Lastly is full performance rally. Check out which has rule books and more info on car building.

We have a lot of experienced people within the club that are happy to help out. Come out to the next rally group meeting and pick some brains.

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