Lapping Days and High Performance Driving Experience (HPDE)

Lapping Days and High Performance Driving Experiences (HPDE) are opportunities to take your car around a real race track at whatever speed your skills and comfort allow. With no competitive element and drivers of similar skill/experience/pace grouped together, it provides an opportunity to enjoy the controlled environment of a race track while respecting every driver’s specific abilities.

Novice drivers, or drivers who never visited a particular track, are always paired with an experienced instructors to learn the track, the proper approach to each corner, and proper track day etiquette.

Once our instructors are comfortable that you have sufficient experience and knowledge, and you feel confident enough to try it, you’ll be permitted to drive by yourself, or as it is sometimes called, “signed off” or “solo.”

Safety is the top concern as you will be on the track with other driving enthusiasts. To manage the risks that emerge when two cars are near each other, overtaking is permitted only at certain straight sections of the track and only when authorized by the leading driver through the use of hand signals. This puts the lead driver in control and eliminates the possibility of unexpected overtaking.

If you have tried autocross, then lapping is the next logical step in your inevitable progression towards being a professional race car driver. Of course, if you don’t get quite that far, you will have had fun trying.

We hope to see you out at one of our many Lapping events. Please keep an eye on the MCO Lapping/HPDE Registration Page to sign-up for upcoming events.