MCO Rallycross Rules & Forms

Rallycross Supplemental Regulations

2022 MCO Rallycross Supplemental Regulations – DRAFT
The MCO Rallycross series is regulated by section 27 in the CARS rulebook. This document outlines additional supplemental regulations that are specific to this series. The CARS rallycross regulations can be found on Canadian Association of Rally Sport website:


Rallycross Self Tech Inspection Form

Self Tech Inspection Form

March 5th, 2022 Self Tech Form

This tech form is required to be completed, signed and dated before every driver’s first event of the season. It ensures that every vehicle meets a minimum requirement for safety. The driver is required to complete this tech-form, and is recommended to take it to their mechanic if they require assistance. Please note that the entrant is solely responsible for the technical condition of his/her vehicle/equipment. The organizers may still inspect any vehicle for any potential safety hazards.

Helmets and Rentals

Regulations governing which helmets can be use at our events can be found in section 27.3.3 of the CARS Rulebook or in the supplementary regulations noted above. Helmet rentals are available for our competitors for $10 per event. Helmets are assigned to a competitor for the day and are sanitized before the rental.


Hi Volunteers! You can find a job description for each of the volunteer positions here. 
Email “” if you are interested in volunteering. No experience required! Thank you!

Dedicated Track Parking

Have a race car you don’t want to trailer around? Reserved parking is available and limited to 25 cars. $60 gets you a spot for the entire Rallycross championship (Dec 1st 2022 – April 1st 2023). Email with a signed copy of our storage contract to reserve yours today!