Non-Competitive Driver Training

The Motorsport Club of Ottawa and its members share a deep and abiding commitment to ensuring our public roadways are as safe as possible.

We believe that the most effective means of maximizing road safety and decreasing the rate of collisions is the education and training of drivers to raise skill and awareness levels above those afforded by typical “drivers ed” training aimed at securing a driver’s license.

Following from that, the MCO offers driver training experiences for all interests and skill levels.

In the summer months, MCO offers high-performance driver education (HPDE) events aimed at both novices wanting to develop more sophisticated car control and more experienced drivers wanting to develop their skills at speeds possible only on a race track.

We also offer our Autocross/Advanced Driving School.

In the winter months, while MCO does not offer winter driving schools or clinics, the local track and organizing committee at Calabogie Motorsports Park (CMP) does offer several clinics to help improve your driving skills to help keep you safe on the roads in the sometimes unpredictable Ottawa/Gatineau weather.