Race Marshal Program

Why spectate?…Participate!

… and get up close and personal with the action!

MCO’s marshalling group is always looking for action-oriented people to train as volunteer corner marshals for amateur and professional racing events. Don’t limit yourself to a view from the stands, join us and be part of the action!

Whether you’re just new to racing or an experienced fan, marshalling can greatly enhance your appreciation of the sport. Besides the visceral thrill of being right up close to ground-shaking racing action, it will also give you in-depth understanding of how a race is run. Once you’ve been part of an event, just watching a race on television will never be enough again!

Every weekend can bring new challenges and variables. Depending on the event, it could be a leisurely Saturday afternoon, a Weekend Saturday/Sunday deal, or it could be a Friday through Monday long weekend with Wednesday or Thursday “Test and Tune sessions” thrown in. Events are usually held rain or shine. You decide how much time you want to commit. The one constant is motor racing at its best on one of the greatest tracks in the world!

Marshals are welcomed at Mosport, Shannonville, Calabogie and at the Toronto Indy event. With some experience under your belt, you could also be welcomed as a guest marshal at Le Circuit Mont Tremblant and the ICAR track at Mirabel. You could even participate at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Yes, you could be a corner worker for an F1 race!

Want to get involved?

No experience? No problem. Contact the MCO Marshalling Services Manager and we’ll get you all set-up.

If you are already an MCO member and a licensed marshal, MCO can take care of all of your renewal and upgrade requirements.

If you would like to renew and expired license, we would be happy to do what we can to help you get back in the swing of things.

Again, please contact the MCO Marshalling Services Manager.